AMO Vietnam | Popular British band 911 teams up with Vietnamese singer Duc Phuc for a stunning remake of “I Do”, topping charts in Vietnam and beyond.
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Popular British band 911 teams up with Vietnamese singer Duc Phuc for a stunning remake of “I Do”, topping charts in Vietnam and beyond.

Popular British band 911 teams up with Vietnamese singer Duc Phuc for a stunning remake of “I Do”, topping charts in Vietnam and beyond.

Hanoi, Vietnam – The popular British pop band 911 has teamed up with the Valentine Ballad Prince of Vietnam, Duc Phuc, to bring a special touch to the timeless love song, “I Do”. The English – Vietnamese version of this music video was released on February 9th and quickly gained popularity,  becoming the number one trending video on YouTube Vietnam in just six hours and reaching two million views in one day. The video also made it to the top 25 trending videos on YouTube globally and has since become an all-kill chart in Vietnam (Apple, Spotify, iTunes, Tiktok etc.) The response on social media has been overwhelmingly positive, with the band’s reaction rate increasing tenfold.

The international version of the MV premiered exclusively on the 911 YouTube channel on February 14th as a special gift for their fans and was sure to make hearts from around the world sing.

“Wow-Factor! “I DO” slams the charts around the world after 6 days!

The band revealed that they received an invitation from AMO Vietnam for this music project and are thrilled to be back in Vietnam. They expressed their excitement about the collaboration, saying, “Our collaboration with Duc Phuc has infused the song with a fresh energy, and we are thrilled that audiences are responding so positively to it. We are so happy to be working with Duc Phuc on this project. His passion for music and love for the song made it a perfect fit for us.”

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Photo by Manh Bi

Duc Phuc, who was the winner of The Voice Vietnam 2015, added, “Working with 911 has been a dream come true. I have always been a fan of their music and being able to bring a new sound to ‘I Do’ is a special privilege. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a special project.”

The song ‘I Do’, composed by the members of 911 and included on their album Illuminate released in 2013, has achieved widespread recognition and is now considered to be a highly sought-after wedding song not just in Vietnam but globally. And the collaboration between 911 and Duc Phuc has taken it to new heights. The music video can be found on YouTube and other social media platforms, and the song is available for streaming on all major music platforms.

Photo by Manh Bi

About the Music Video: Apart from the music, the storyline of the music video is a key element in its success. Drawing inspiration from the Western tradition of the “first dance” at weddings, as well as from Broadway, the video tells the story of three couples preparing for their special first dance on their wedding day. The overarching message of the “I Do” music video is that everyone deserves to find true love and treasure those special moments in life, such as a proposal. Furthermore, the video aims to promote the culture of proposing, which is not commonly practiced in Vietnam. 911 and Duc Phuc hope to inspire and encourage men to propose to their partners, showing their emotional and spiritual appreciation for the women they love. A proposal is a momentous occasion in a couple’s life, serving as a testament to their mature love and bringing a sense of peace when they are together. The stunning music video was shot in Hanoi and Phu Quoc, capturing the beauty of Vietnam’s landscapes and adding to the video’s overall impact.

A stunning proposal moment captured in the MV

MV achievements (updated by 24th Feb)

  • 20 millions views on YouTube for both version
  • Top 1 trending YouTube Vietnam (bilingual version) and Top 3 trending YouTube Vietnam (English version)
  • Top 25 trending YouTube world wide
  • No.1 Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes in Vietnam
  • Top 13 Most Viewed Youtube World Wide (weekly chart)
  • Top 5 trending Youtube Australia, TOP 18 Treding Youtube Singapore, TOP 23 trending Youtube Canada, TOP 22 Trending Youtube Taiwan

About 911: 911 is a British pop band that has been entertaining audiences for over two decades. With their catchy pop tunes and energetic performances, the trio have become one of the most popular bands in the UK and around the world. 

For more information about 911, please find at their official website:

911 YouTube Channel: 

About Duc Phuc: Duc Phuc is a young Vietnamese singer who has gained recognition as the Valentine Ballad Prince of Vietnam. He was the winner of The Voice Vietnam 2015 and is well-known for his soulful voice and unique musical style, and his many love songs have been released just in time for Valentine’s Day. His song “The first day” that was released on last year’s Valentine’s Day has reached 50 million views on YouTube and was a huge hit at that time.

Duc Phuc YouTube channel: 

Please see the links below for the MV and song:

YouTube (Eng_Vie version):   

YouTube (International version): 



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